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  • Tonic Strengthening S.O.S Pump Accelerated Growth Salon Line 100ml


    Product Description :
    The line S.O.S. Pump of the Salon Line is one of the favorites of women who's adept at hair. The products are the first with proven growth of yarns that deliver results in 15 days. You can trust it!

    Developed for all types of hair and colors, the S.O.S. Pump Line presents great results in straight, curly, frizzy, colored and blond hair. It is also complete, because it contains shampoo, conditioner, hydration mask, hue mask, combing cream and hair tonic.

    Tonic Strengthening S.O.S Pump Accelerated Growth has in its formula: Coffee, which stimulates growth because it activates the circulation of the scalp and strengthens the hair; Biotin, which helps to reduce hair loss and also stimulates hair growth, and Whey Protein, which is rich in amino acids that restore damaged hair fiber.

    And there is more: the Tonic Capillary S.O.S Accelerated Growth Pump is released, ie, does not contain in its formula mineral oil, sulfate, petrolatum, paraffin and silicone. It is also dermatologically tested and is not tested on animals.

    Insert Tonic Capillary S.O.S. Pump in your capillary routine, this product can be used daily. Buy it now!

    Results of Tonic Capillary S.O.S. Pump:

    Proven growth in 15 days, strengthening of the threads, decrease of the fall and daily breakage, end of double ends and hydration.

    We also indicate the use of the complete line S.O.S Original Pump Salon Line composed of shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing mask and combing cream for a more effective result.

    How to use the Tonic Capillary S.O.S. Pump:

    After washing the hair, apply the tonic and then massage the scalp well to stimulate circulation and absorption of the actives. No need to rinse.

    Also get to know the Anti-Fall Strengthening TonicIt strengthens the hair quickly and stimulates healthy hair growth.

    Product Indication All Types of Hair



  • Tônico Poderoso- Sob ENCOMENDA


    Atenção!! Produto sob encomenda entrega em 3 semanas após a compra!

  • Yamasterol Babosa 320g Hair Cream


    Yamasterol Babosa Hair Cream is a multi-functional cream that moisturizes the hair, enhances and highlights the hair's luminosity. The true 3 in 1 Multi Use Cream has deep action ingredients that moisturize, protect, untangle and give shine.

  • Escova Polvo de desembaraçar cabelo úmido / seco


    Assorted colors

  • Soul Power Liquid Gel - Modeling Curls 315ml


    Recovery and definition of curls. The Modeling Curls Seiva Modeling Seiva with vegetal collagen for recovery and definition of curls. It has soft fixation and non-sticky texture so that the curls are looser and with balance. pH: 5.5 - 6.5

    Indicated For:
    Curvatures 2ABC 3ABC 4ABC - Curly Curly Crested


  • Curly Styling Cream - Soul Power 500ml


    Combing cream for curly hair. Contains shea butter, vegetable collagen, olive oil. Vegan Product


    Curvatures 3ABC (Curly)


    PH: 4.0 - 5.0


    DO NOT CONTEMPT: Parabens, petrolates, silicones, ingredients of animal origin, gluten, synthetic dyes.

  • Golden Drop Tonic for Strengthening 100ml


    It's a product specially developed to strengthen the root, help to fight dandruff, fall and excess of oiliness and help the healthy and fortified growth of the hair.

  • Mel cola Anna Telles – 500gr


    Para cabelos orgânicos, com tranças ou mega hair.

  • Sale!

    Kit de 3 meses de vitaminas para cabelo para mulheres.


    IVYBEARS® Women's Hair Vitamins
    Sweet little beauty bears for beautiful, shiny hair!

  • FARMAX-100ml Hair and Body Oil Rose Hip


    FARMAX Rose Hip Hair and Body Oil has a powerful regenerating and emollient effect on the skin. It is indicated, mainly, for pregnant women as a strong ally in the prevention against stretch marks. Besides, it has nourishing properties for the hair, helping to repair the hair.

  • Bepantol Derma Solution with 50ml


    Beautiful and healthy hair and skin have a secret: adequate water levels in their structures. The aqueous formula of Bepantol Derma Solution goes straight to the point. The hygroscopic property of Bepantol Derma Solution prevents excessive water loss through the skin and hair strands and helps the natural renewal of the skin. A…

  • Curly Cream Combing Cream Bomb - Soul Power 500ml


    Hair combing cream for trashier hair. Contains Shea Butter, castor oil, plant collagen, vitamins and amno acids. Vegan product.


    All curvatures (Indicated for capillary transition)


    Its vitamin formulation associated with natural actives helps in the healthy development of softer and more defined bunches, with balance, movement and free from frizz.


    PH: 4.0 - 5.0


    DO NOT CONTEMPT: Parabens, petrolates, silicones, ingredients of animal origin, gluten, synthetic dyes.

  • Fioterapia Alisamento- 500ml -Sob encomenda Nova Embalagem


    Atenção!! Produto sob encomenda entrega em 3 semanas após a compra!

  • Lola Cosmetics Vintage Girls - Smoothing Cream 850g


    Smoothing cream for volume reduction. Lola Cosmetics Vintage Girls Straightening Cream restructures hair fiber, straightens and disciplines hair, in addition to providing moisturizing treatment. With a formula enriched with moisturizing actives and formol-free, Lola Cosmetics Vintage Girls Smoothing Cream provides impeccable smoothing and volume reduction with intense shine and deep nutrition...

  • Ampola de Tratamento Capilar Alho Skafe – 10ml


    Skafe, te conquista trazendo a novidade do momento: cabelos brilhantes, mais densos e extremamente saudáveis!

  • Divine Potão - 2 in 1 - Combing Cream + Moisturizing Cream


    No Sulphate, Parabens, Petrolatum, Silicones and Mineral Oil. VEGANO! RELEASED! CO-WASH! You know that product you will want to use even if your hair looks wonderful? That's the one, after all it's DIVINE! The Divine Potão was specially formulated for those who are going through the process of Hair Transition. Just a Divine product to understand and help you...