Combing Cream Coconut Treatment S.O.S Salon Line 300ml


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Needing to regain once the strength and health of your curls? Salon Line, a specialist in caring for very dry, fragile and opaque hair, presents SOS Curls Coconut Combing Cream with deep cosmetic treatment, which recovers the health and performance of your hair. With an incredible action of Coconut Oil and Butter, or Coconut Combing Cream provides a perfect curl definition, without frizz and with intense shine!

Instructions for use:
With clean and wet hair, apply Cream to comb lock by lock and evenly length to ends. If you wish more volume control, also apply near the root. Disembark the strands with a large tooth and then apply the movement of the tips to the root. Repeat or move as many times as you need, it helps in curl formation. An ideal amount depends on the amount of hair and the length of the strands.

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