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Cachos e Crespos S.o.s Salon Line 500g Mask


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Beautiful hair is always strong and healthy hair, right?! That's why the S.O.S. PUMP line is perfect! With reliable, exclusive formulas developed by Salon Line's Research, Development, Innovation and Technology Laboratory. S.O.S PUMP: Now go hairy! For dryness to pass far away, the HYDRATING MASK S.O.S BOMBA CACHOS E CRESPOS gives A-QUE-LA hydrated and a deep nutrition. With it you can also untangle the threads and the hair becomes soft and shiny. Coconut oil: offers deep nourishment. Healthier and shinier strands. Vitamin A: strengthens the hair and helps healthy growth. Olive oil: rich in vitamins and antioxidants, leaves curls and frizz silky and super-hydrated.

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