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S.O.S. Pump Original Capillary Growth Special Set 


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Special Set Capillary Growth with the S.O.S. Pump Original line darlings 

Beautiful hair is always strong and healthy hair, right? That's why the S.O.S. pump line is perfect! With reliable, exclusive formulas developed by Salon Line's Research, Development, Innovation and Technology Laboratory.


Whey Protein is rich in essential amino acids, which restore damaged hair fiber.

Vitamin A strengthens the threads and helps in healthy growth.

D-Pantenol moisturizes and improves the texture of the fiber by fighting the split ends.

Biotin helps to prevent the fall, stimulates growth and strengthens the threads.

Castor Oil moisturizes, fights falling hair breakage, strengthens and deeply recovers hair and helps healthy growth.

Mode of use:


Apply SOS Pump Original Shampoo evenly to wet hair.

Massage the root until it foams.



After washing your hair with SOS Pump Original Shampoo, apply SOS Pump Original Conditioner to the length and ends.

Leave it for 1 to 3 minutes and rinse.

Vegan: No.

Released: No.

Age: from 12 years old.

For which hair type: all hair types.

Curvature: Smooth, Wavy, Curly and Crisped (1ABC - 2ABC - 3ABC - 4ABC).

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