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Are your curls lifeless? The cosmetic treatment to leave them rebuilt and strengthened starts here!

Salon Line, an expert in caring for extremely dry, malnourished and weakened hair, presents the Arginina Curl Reconstruction Activator S.O.S Curls for deep hair reconstruction. This powerful combination promotes extreme shine and a mega reconstruction, activates and defines the curls, besides controlling frizz. Conditioner without rinse. For wavy, curly, frizzy and in transition hair.

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Types of HairCurly and Wavy Hair
Characteristic/ActionArginine: An amino acid present in keratin, Arginine helps in the strengthening and repair of the threads. It acts by forming a protective film that seals the cuticles, diminishing the fall and break, besides guaranteeing extreme brightness.
Collagen: It is a protein that helps the elasticity and strength of the hair, and promotes a young, strong and ultra shiny appearance to the hair.


Intense Reconstruction

Total protection

Sealed cuticles

Frizz control

Definition of curls

Deep repair

Ultra moisturizing

Maximum brightness

UV filter

No rinse

Daily use

Suggested useWith clean and damp hair, apply the Arginina Reconstruction Curl Activator S.O.S lock by lock and evenly from length to ends.

If you want more volume control, also apply near the root.

Dismantle the strands with a wide-tooth comb and then knead them, starting the movement of the tips to the root.

Repeat the movement as many times as necessary, helping the formation of curls.

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Weight350 g

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