Curl Activator #todecacho Profix 4ABC Salon Line 400ml -


Vegan: yes
Released: yes
Age: from 12 years old
Curvature: 4ABC.
Hair type: curly and cresty.

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The Curl Activator has the function to activate and define the curls in a more specific way, it can leave the hair much more defined by changing even the natural curvature of the hair.

That's exactly why we developed the Curl Activator Maximum Fixation #todecacho Profixindicated for curly hair. This super launch contains in its formula: Babosa and Coconut Pulp that ensure deep hydration, intense nutrition and silky.

In addition, together with PROFIX technology, they provide definition with fixing, i.e. they retain the shape of the curls, prevent false dandruff and promote mirror shine.

Aaaah, and like all #todecacho products the curl activator is released and 100% vegan.

For 72 hours of setting and 24 hours of fragrance, click buy!

Curl Activator Result #todecacho Profix curly

Definition for longer, volume and mirror brightness.

How to use the #todecacho Profix 4ABC Curl Activator

With clean and damp hair, apply the Curl Activator lock by lock to the ends. Dismantle the strands with a wide-tooth comb and then mash them, starting the movement from the ends to the root. Repeat the movement as many times as necessary, helping the formation of the curls.

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