With Me No One Can (Spray BFF Das Mechas) Lola 230ml


Indicated for NO POO - Finisher, thermal protector.
Lola Cosmetics With Me No One Can - BFF Spray from wicks.

Protector and accelerator for the drying of discoloured and lockable hair. Lightweight formula with 25% of vegetable extracts and sunflower oil. Enough of that hair that makes you a cat and a shoe, leaves you in the hand at that hour "H" mega important and that on top of that turns and wakes up fought with you... I want to see this one give you a smart one. With me Nobody Can! Much less a dull little hair that thinks it can control you. Aff... Prevents the breakage and dryness of discolored, faded hair. Lightweight, foam-free formula with 25% of plant extracts and sunflower oil.

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After sanitizing and rinsing the hair with the Cleaner Conditioner With Nobody Can, vaporize evenly on damp hair. With the help of a dryer and brush dry the hair and finish as desired. Flat brush: natural finishing. Round brush: volume and movement. Ultra straight: after the brush, finish with piastra.Attention: If you want to use a traditional shampoo, condition the hair before applying BFF).

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