S.O.S Conditioner Radiance Curls Absolute Brightness 300ml


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Are your curls lifeless? The cosmetic treatment to make them radiant and ultra bright starts here. Salon Line, an expert in caring for dry, dull and lifeless hair, presents Radiance Shine Absolute Conditioner S.O.S Curls with Gloss Complex for a deep treatment. This powerful combination has a formula that moisturizes and nourishes the hair, besides sealing the cuticles, promoting radiant shine.

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Indicated for wavy, curly and curly hair - Curvatures 2ABC, 3ABC, 4ABC
Hydration, super strengthening, repair and sealed cuticles
Paraben-free - No frizz - UV Filter - Daily Use

ABISSINIAN OIL: The Radiant Sunshine! Native to the highest mountains in Africa - one of the regions that receives the greatest amount of sunlight on the planet, the Abyssinian orth is a deep absorber of the sun's energy and therefore its oil has unique properties. As it is rich in vitamins, it ensures super nutrition, hydration and antioxidant action.
+ LIQUID KERATIN: Penetrates deeply into the strands and is excellent for intense reconstruction, returning the nutrients that the hair loses over time.
+ BIOTINE: Essential vitamin for healthy hair and scalp, Biotin strengthens and rejuvenates.

How to Use : "After using S.O.S Curls Shampoo, apply Radiance Absolute Shine Conditioner S.O.S Curls evenly to wet hair. Massage and leave to act for 1 to 3 minutes. Rinse. For best results, use the complete S.O.S Curls from Salon Line. TIP: For even shinier hair, apply conditioner after Radiance Intense Moisture Mask Absolute Shine S.O.S Curls. “

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