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Combing Cream still has UV filterIt's salt-free and can be used daily.

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Combing Cream Intense Definition is all that hair in transition, without definition and dried out needs. Indicated for 2ABC, 3ABC and 4ABC curvatures, this little product with 1kg packaging yields up to 30 applications and is an intensive treatment that leaves hair well treated, with defined and shaped curls, besides providing intense shine.

This result is only possible thanks to the formula of the super concentrated product that contains: Coconut Oil, which moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the threads, providing radiant shine and extreme softness, besides being rich in vitamins and fatty acids.
Almond Oil, which has nourishing properties that recover the threads, since it gives back its properties and helps to define the bunches, also helps to reduce frizz, deeply moisturizes and seals the cuticles, ensuring shine and softness to the threads.
Honey, which is rich in vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids, in addition to having a strengthening and antioxidant action, protect the hair and be ultra moisturizing.

With all these benefits, the Combing Cream still has UV filterIt's salt-free and can be used daily.

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