Hydra Ceramides Combing Cream Salon Line 300ml

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Do you have brittle and dull hair? Calm down! With Hidra Ceramide Combing Cream, you guarantee strength and shine.

That's because, this little product contains:

Vegetable Ceramide, combating damage, acting deep into the hair fiber, replenishing essential nutrients and forming a protective film, which ensures extra strength and shine for beautiful and healthy hair.

Jojoba Oil, which has large amounts of essential nutrients such as vitamin B1, B2 and E, which provide conditioning, hydration and shine.

D- Panthenol, which acts especially in retaining moisture, ensuring hydrated hair, and combat against the formation of split ends and provide shine and softness to the wires.

In addition, the formula of the Combing Cream is vegan and contains UV protection. Totally awesome, right?

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