Salon Line Deep Moisturizing Combing Cream 1kg


Product indication: Curly, wavy hair.

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The Deep Moisturizing Combing Cream will leave your curls even more incredible, strong, healthy, defined, and of course, moisturized and long dryness.

All this thanks to the formula of this little product that contains:

Coconut Oil, which is already known for its magical power of hydration and nutrition, is also rich in vitamins and fatty acids. It strengthens the hair and provides radiant shine and extreme softness.

Babosawhich is also known as Aloe Vera. This ingredient has vitamins and minerals, ensuring a mega hydration and a healthy scalp.

D- Panthenol, which in addition to protecting the hair from external damage, strengthens the scalp and ensures hydrated, shiny and ultra soft hair.

And that's not all: the Combing Cream also has UV filter and yields up to 30 applications. After all, this product comes in a 1 liter bottle!

Suitable for wavy, curly, frizzy hair or in transition, this Combing Cream can also be used on children from 3 years old. Aaaah, and it's totally vegan!

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Result of Combing Cream: Definition of curls, frizz control, maximum hydration, anti-drying action and intense shine.

How to use the Combing Cream: With clean, damp hair, apply the Deep Hydration Combing Cream evenly from roots to ends. Detangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb and then knead the hair starting from the tips towards the root. Repeat the knead and release movement, helping form natural curls. Do not rinse.

Hint: When hair is dry, loosen curls with your hands using Salon Line #odecacho Day After Liquid Gel. The result is a perfect finishing of curls throughout the day.

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Product indication: Curly, wavy hair.

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