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Kids Combing Cream Defined Curls 1kg - Salon Line


Age: from 3 years old.
What kind of hair: dry, frizz-free hair.
Curvature: Wavy, Curly and Crested (2ABC - 3ABC - 4ABC).

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Care + protection + wonderful smell? Yes! In this Combing Cream, you find all this and much more!
Especially for children a Defined Curls Comb Cream!

Its formula contains properties that moisturize the threads and control the frizz of the little ones! And also a lot of shine and definition in this bunch that is golden, besides helping in the untangling and in the day to day care.

This little production is full of wonderful assets

Watermelon Seed Oil which is rich in vitamins A, C and B6.
Macadamia oil which nourishes the hair and helps control volume and frizz formation.
Coconut Oil already known for its magical power of hydration and nutrition.

Perfect for leaving the curls a mess.

How to use

  1. Apply Salon Line Defined Curl Cream to damp hair and spread lock by lock from length to ends.
  2. Oh, and don't forget to untangle with a wide-tooth comb and then knead from the tips to the root.
  3. Repeat this movement as many times as you like and ready: beautiful curls!

You want lightness? Just don't apply near the root.

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