Salon Line Super Light Combing Cream 1L

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The Super Light Salon Line Combing Cream is a complete treatment for you who love defined and hydrated curls. Its formula has a light effect, providing curls more defined, shiny and with a wonderful volume.
Specially developed with D-Pantenol, Babosa and Almond Oil promotes hydration, strengthening and repair of the threads.
Babosa: Also known as Aloe Vera, it has vitamins A, C and B complex, besides guaranteeing a deep and auxiliary hydration for a healthy scalp.
D-Pantenol: It has hydrating action to the yarn, penetrating the fiber and improving its texture and malleability. It decreases the creation of double ends, strengthens the threads and promotes shine of the hair.
Almond Oil: Rich in vitamins of the B, E and A complex, it has repairing and strengthening action.

How to use: With clean and wet hair, apply Salon Line Super Light Combing Cream evenly from root to ends. Dent the hair with a wide-tooth comb and then mash it starting at the tips to the root, repeat the kneading and loosening movement, helping to format natural curls.

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