Combing Cream #todecacho Profix Salon Line 400ml


Vegan: yes
Released: yes
Age: from 12 years old
Curvature: 2ABC, 3ABC, 4ABC.
Type of hair: wavy, curly and frizzy.

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Maximum Combing Cream - Profix Line - Salon Line

Product Description :
Let's easily untangle the strands and still ensure natural definition, movement and shine ? With the #todecacho Profix combing cream, you achieve all this!

This is because this product is indicated for wavy, curly and frizzy hair: Babosa and Rose Water. Together these ingredients ensure deep hydration, strengthening and help healthy hair growth.

In addition, combined with PROFIX technology, they provide definition with natural effect, lightness and gloss varnish for 72 hours. Too much, huh?

The 400ml package is fully released and vegan, and of course contains UV protection.

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Result of Comb Cream #todecacho Profix
Natural definition, movement and gloss varnish.
How to use the Combing Cream #todecacho Profix
With clean and damp hair, apply the Combing Cream lock by lock to the ends. Dent the strands with a wide-tooth comb and then mash them, starting the movement from the ends to the root. Repeat the movement as many times as necessary, helping the formation of the curls.

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