Combing Cream #todecacho Apple Vinegar Salon Line 300ml


Product IndicationHair with Curvatures 3ABC and 4ABC.

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If you want that power setting, you're on the right track! You know why? Because your curls will glow, reflect and shine with the Combing Cream #todecacho Apple Vinegar!

This favorite curly and frizz cooking ingredient has been incorporated with Salon Line technology to control frizz and give intense shine to the hair.

The Combing Cream formula contains, of course, Apple Vinegar, which provides extreme shine to the threads, seals the cuticles and also helps in the hair reconstruction of the fiber.

Besides having Black Berry, which gives an extra charge of shine and softness in the yarns, and is rich in Vitamin C Antioxidants and Collagen, it also includes Pantenol, which moisturizes intensely and lastingly.

And there's more: the Combing Cream is released, after all, it's indicated for curly and frizzy hair, it's 100% vegan and has UV protection. Wow!

This little production has a different feature, see?! You know what it is? A fruitful smell that lasts 24 hours.

Carol Mamprin from the Salon Line's Curly and Crested team, loves the Apple Vinegar Combing Cream. "I love it very much. Actually, I love that whole line." Try it yourself, too, click buy!

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