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Product Description :
The Hair Schedule is a powerful care routine, which aims to leave the hair healthy. Therefore, during one month, three procedures are done, alternating the days of application on the hair. These are them: Hydration, Nutrition e Reconstruction.

For you who have curly, frizzy or wavy hairWe, from Salon Line, have created the Hairline Schedule Coconut + Super Oils + Castor Keratin Salon Line.

To hydrationThe capillary schedule includes the Deep Treatment Coconut Mask of the S.O.S Curls line. This product, has in its formula coconutwhich has power of hydration and intense nutrition, because it is rich in vitamins e fatty acids. Strengthens the threads, provides radiant shine and extreme softness.

To nutritionThe treatment includes the S.O.S Cachos line Intense Hydration Mask Mango Oil, which has in its formula: KeratinThis protein returns the nutrients that hair loses over time and the Mango Oilwhich is rich in vitamins and mineral salts, the benefits of fruit are amazing. With moisturizing and nourishing action, it strengthens the hair, ensuring intense shine and ultra soft hair.

And to reconstructionThe castor and keratin mask of the S.O.S Curls line, which has in its formula: Castor Oilwhich is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and mineral salts. The active has properties that restore and moisturize the hair, in addition to providing care for a healthy scalp and Keratinwhich gives back the nutrients that hair loses over time.

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Result of the Hair Timeline Coconut + Mango + Castor Keratin


Healthy hair in 4 weeks.


How to use the SOS Curls Salon Line Hair Timeline


With clean hair, remove excess water with a towel. Remove the ideal amount of cream for your hair's volume, place on your hands and mix. Apply from length to ends of hair and leave for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse.

Hint: use the treatments according to your hair's needs and according to the schedule followed.

Vegan: no

Released: no

Age: from the age of 12

Curvature: 2ABC, 3ABC and 4ABC.

Type of hair: wavy, curly and frizzy

Contents of the kit:

1 Hydration Mask S.O.S Coconut Curls Deep Treatment 500g

1 S.O.S. Intense Moisturizing Mask Curls Salon Line 500gr

1 Hydration Mask S.O.S Curls Castor and Keratin Salon Line 500gr