Take Care Well Moisturizing Lip Strawberry and Milk 6.2g


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Take Care Well Moisturizing Labial Strawberry and Milk is pure love. The care that was missing to complete the most pleasant line of all. A novelty of Take Good Care to remind you that your lips need more care, too.

lip moisturizer offers the most sensitive and delicate skin in the mouth, which is exposed to dry, cold climates or sunlight, causing dryness and dehydration. Moisturizes for up to 8 hours, repairing the lips efficiently, leaving a delicious aroma from the combination of strawberry and milk.

lip balm is formulated with 10% of shea butter, an ingredient with highly moisturizers, e vitamin Ewhich promotes antioxidant action for the lips. In addition, the balm still leaves the protected lips of external aggressions like wind, sun and cold, with its SPF 15.

Contains: 6,2g.

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