Desinchá Hibiscus Pink Lemonade - Special Edition 30 Sachets


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200 ml of water goes
get the job done.
Warm until it starts to boil
and you can now turn off

Then just put me
in the water, cap and
wait five minutes.
You can rest assured that
I can stand the heat 🙂

We recommend taking the
Beeeem Summer Mix
ice cream. Just do it all.
equal and at the end add
ice to taste!

I'll be fine for
approximately 24
hours, saving it in the fridge.
Quantity:30 sachetsWeight:45g
Taste:Hibiscus and Pink Lemonade (lemon with strawberry)Additional Information:Gluten free, lactose free, zero calories and ideal for drinking ice cream
Ingredients:Green mate, green tea, ginger, rosemary, sage, carqueja, mint, guarana and hibiscus with natural aromas of lemon and strawberry

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Weight105 g