Desinchá Desserts Cookies-

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It's watered in your mouth just remembering that temptation with the rain of cocoa nib drops. Is that tea with cookies? Is it cookies in the tea? Either way, you'll never be able to look at a cookie with the same eyes (or would it be taste?). Play on this delicious infusion that will surprise you.


#1 Green Tea

#2 Green Mate

#3 Carqueja

#4 Guarana

#5 Apple

#6 Plum

#7 Cocoa Nibs

#8 Cinnamon

#9 Cookie Flavors (Butter Cookies)



water150 ml of water will do the trick. Heat until it starts to boil and you can turn it off now.

coffeeThen just put me in the water, cap and wait for 5 minutes. You can rest assured that I can stand the heat 🙂

iceWould you rather have ice cream? Just make everything the same and in the end add ice to taste!

refrigeratorI'll be fine for about 24 hours, saving it in the fridge.

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