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Esmalte Colorama Efeito Gel was developed with a differentiated composition in the formula, providing 10 days of duration with intense color and gel shine.
To guarantee a salon result only two steps must be followed: step 1 with the Coloramo gel effect step 2 with the finishing of the top coat, applying it every 3 days.
Colorama Enamels enable endless possibilities and color combinations for you to dare and create your own distinctive combinations and effects. Always focused on the latest fashion trends, Colorama offers you colors that are on the rise that make every season a success.

Mode of use:
Remove excess from only one side of the brush and use the other side to enamel the nails.
Apply the enamel in the center of the nails, always from the base to the tip. Then, enamel one side of the nail and repeat the same procedure on the other.
Then apply the Top Coat to ensure a salon result.
To remove the excess with the toothpick, start on one side of the nail and make the continuous movement until the end on the other side at once.
Remove the skin from the corner of the nail a little and, with a tufted cotton wrap on a toothpick, soaked in the enamel remover, wipe off the excess.
Every 3 days, reapply the Top Coat to achieve a better result during the 10 days.

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