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Esmalte Risqué nail polish developed with an unmistakable and differentiated color reaching all types of women's styles.
Guarantees a pigmentation following all the fashion trends leaving you woman ready to rock. The result is very colourful nails with a long-lasting effect.
The Risqué nail polish has a creamy texture that does not stain, making it easier to apply to the nails, ensuring that the effect is uniform and without ripples.

Mode of use:
1. Remove excess from only one side of the brush and use the other side to polish your nails;
2. Start by enamelling the center of the nails, always from the base to the tip;
3. Then glaze one side of the nail and;
4. Repeat the same procedure as the other;
5. To remove the excess with the toothpick, start on one side of the nail and make a continuous movement until the end on the other side at once;
6. Separate the skin a little from the corner of the nail and, with a cotton ball wrapped in a toothpick, soaked in nail polish remover, clean the excess. To finish the enamelling, apply the Drying Oil or Drying Spray.

About the brand: Risqué is a leader in the nail polishers segment in the country and has a history of over half a century in the beauty products market. The brand is a pioneer in launching trends and today is a fashion reference for millions of consumers throughout Brazil. Every year, Risqué launches two nail polish collections and special editions, always according to fashion trends. In addition, the company makes available a fixed color palette and a complete line of foot, hand, and nail care products.

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