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Twists Sponge


Hair curler

Material: Sponge, EVA

Features: Wave Appearance, Easy to Use.

Size: 19cm x 11.5cm x 6cm / ( aprox)



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What is it?
Sponge to roll up frizzy hair, make twists and texture frizzy hair.

What do you do?
You can curl your hair anytime, anywhere.

How to use it?

1- Prepare your hair with a brush and moisten lightly with any cream without rinsing (it is also possible to apply gel or sake on the spot to make the twist)

2 - Use the Twist Sponge in circular movements, sliding all over the head.

3- Make the movement circular in only one direction, never changing the direction in the middle of the procedure;

4- Do it from 3 to 15 minutes and you will have a hairstyle with perfect twists and natural look.

Additional information

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