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Talya Propolis Extract | Distilled water | natural propolis extract (30%) | Gluten free, no soy, no artificial flavors, no dyes or preservatives. With pipette.

Talya's propolis extract strengthens the body's defenses.

Propolis is a mass resin made by bees. Anxious bees not only collect the delicious nectar from various medicinal herbs, but also the natural remedy "propolis resin for bees". Bees produce propolis by combining the resin with which the plant buds protect themselves from environmental influences with enzymes. The hives are coated with mass resin to make them weather-resistant. It is crucial that the bee colony is protected against infections in this way. Propolis is increasingly used to promote healing, wound healing, upper respiratory tract treatment and strengthening the body's defenses. Because it has a powerful defense, propolis is the ideal means to prevent and treat colds and inflammation without the side effects of conventional antibiotics.

Application examples:
Very good healing effect on wounds: cuts, abrasions, scratches, bites and bruises. It can also be used for purulent and old wounds that are difficult to treat with medication. Talya Propolis for acne, inflammation of the gastric mucosa, to strengthen the immune system arthritis, calluses, gingivitis, tonsillitis, asthma, flu, cough, tennis elbow, herpes.

Easy to use, water-soluble, alcohol-free dispenser pipette.

Recommended use: 
Internal use: take 10 drops twice a day with food and drink.
External use: rub 2-3 times a day with a wound or swab (use the swab only once).

To aid oral hygiene, add 15 drops of propolis to a glass with a little water and rinse the mouth and throat.

Note: The Propolis extract is not a medicine. In case of serious illness, the doctor should always be consulted. Propolis can cause allergic reactions. If there is swelling in the mouth or throat, treatment should be stopped. Shake vigorously before each use! Store at room temperature, protect from direct sunlight. Keep propolis extract out of the reach of children. The extract of propolis is not a food nor a medicine

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