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Gel Cream #todecacho Trânsição Capilar Salon Line 300ml


Product Description :
Do you need help getting through the pelatransition? Then come divorce with agent! Cream Gel - TransitionCapillary - {Of my hair I take care! } has been specially developed for you who is determined, of personality and wants to selibert the patterns! The hair transition is the phase of suffocation and to be able to model a hair with two textures is not an easy task. But calm down, we thought about everything and here we save the lives of all TRANSICAT! Eat incredible texturizing your finish would be pure success! Incredible texture and reactive turbines to treat your breakage threads give you the security you need for a bib finishing! Avida is made of many phases and we want you to be GATA in all of them! Pass the capillary diving like never before!

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Product Indication : in Transition

How to Use : With clean hair and
damp, apply the Cream - Capillary Transition Gel

- I take care of my hair! Lock by lock.

You can texturise the threads in two ways: A

first with the Dedo Liss technique, which consists of

in modeling each wick with your fingers, all over the

hair. The other is the Twist technique, where you will

interlace 2 fine wicks, repeating the process

all over his hair. For both textures,

with dry hair, carefully break the

bunches for perfect and natural formatting.

With these two techniques you will have more days of

day after and will also disguise the two textures of the

hair! Wow! What a drag, huh?!?! No rinse.

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