Localized Fat Reducing Lipo Gel Real Hot Effect Natura Draine Burns 200ml



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Localized fat-reducing lipo gel Draeno Queima Real Natura with warm effect.

Prepared for external application, resulting from a careful selection of plant extracts, Asian spark, Indian chestnut, Gilbarbeira, Gingko and Algae.

Due to the specificities of its ingredients it produces a sensation of warmth and a rubefacient effect after the application, which will last for a few minutes, so it will not be surprising this natural reaction on the skin.

This is one of the intended effects on the product and should not be regarded as an allergic reaction.

The combined action of natural plant extracts with methyl nicotinate and bisa-bolol allow the pervention of "orange peel" skin.

Method of application:

  • Apply twice a day. Apply to the desired area, massaging gently in circular movements.

Package with 200ml.

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