Liquid Gel #todecacho Day After Salon Line 320ml


Product Description :
On the day after washing the hair - the famous "day after" - the dream of every curly and curly is to keep the appearance of the threads, as if they had just finished them, but unfortunately this does not always happen. The friction of the strands on the pillow ends up causing frizz and embarrassment that breaks the definition.

For this reason, the Salon Line, created the Liquid Gel #Todecacho Day After. Its formula is enriched with avocado oil, which contains vitamins A, B, C, D and E; sunflower oil, composed of vitamins A, C and E, in addition to UV protection and Panthenol, a powerful moisturizer, rich in vitamin B5 that provides shine to the hair.

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hair gel is also released and done with much love! Besides, it makes your hair look super light and defines the curls for you to have the sensation of newly finished, all this without humidifying the strands. It's like the first time, migrate. We guarantee it!

No more washing every day and no more spraying water on your hair, Salon Line's liquid Gel is the easiest way to revitalize your hair.

To have the best day after your life, buy online now!

Result of Liquid Gel #Todecacho Day After:

Light, defined and hydrated threads, for you to kick ass as if it were the 1st time.

How to use Liquid Gel #Todecacho Day After:

With dry hair, preferably the day after washing, apply the liquid gel lock by lock, evenly on the length and ends and knead the strands.

You can also use the hair gel after washing, making a little mix with the Salon Line combing cream of your preference and applying lock by lock to still wet hair for a harder finish.

Product Indication: Wavy, Curly, Crested and Crested.




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