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Henna for Makiaj Eyebrows - 1.5g Henna and 10ml fixative

Well-defined eyebrows enhance the look and bring harmony to the face. The MAKIAJ line, composed of henna and fixative, enhances the design of your facial expression. It is ideal to perfect the shape of your eyebrows, paint, make corrections or alignment (either by having little hair or scar corrections). It has great fixation, perfect coverage and natural effect.

Great fixation;
Perfect Coverage;
Natural Effect.

Mode of use:
1. model the eyebrow, as usual and to your liking, by removing excess hair and trimming the longer strands;
2. Clean the place of application with the fixer, eliminating all oiliness;
3. Prepare the product in the proportion of 6 (eight) to 10 (ten) drops of fixative for a measure of henna bung (seal). Mix until a homogeneous mass is obtained;
4. Apply the henna over the eyebrow with a thin plastic toothpick or bevelled brush;
5. Let it go for 20 minutes;
6. Remove all excess with cotton moistened in mineral water;
7. In case of oily skin, make another application following the same procedures.

Henna Makiaj -
01 - 1.5g Henna;
01 - 10ml fixator.

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