Kit Lola Cosmetics My Bunch Full (5 Products)

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Kit Lola Cosmetics My Bunch Full (5 Products)

Treatment kit for curly and frizzy hair. Lola Cosmetics My Curl Full Kit cleans, restores, moisturizes, protects and shapes curls.

Lola Cosmetics My Bunch Full Kit contains moisturizing nutrients and a sulfate-free formula that cleanses, restores hair fiber damage, moisturizes and increases hair elasticity. In addition, the leave-in and gel promote more defined, disciplined, soft and shiny curls.


Lola Cosmetics My Bunch - Shampoo 500ml: sulfate-free formula, provides delicate cleansing, emollient and moisturizing

Lola Cosmetics My Bunch - 500g Conditioner: nourishes and conditions while restoring the moisture of the yarn

Lola Cosmetics My Bunch - 930g Mask: intense treatment that prevents dryness and loss of definition, in addition to improving the malleability of the threads

Lola Cosmetics My Bunch My Life - Leave-in 500g: ideal for a killer styling, it conditions while defining bunches

Lola Cosmetics My Bunch Jelly - Gel 500g: precisely shapes and defines bunches and waves while controlling rebellious threads


Cupuaçu butter, Quinoa, Patauá oil and vegetable extracts: promote softness, wetting and softness to the hair, increasing its natural humidity and elasticity, in addition to preventing the damage that the loss of moisture can cause in all types of textured hair.

How to UseKit Lola Cosmetics My Bunch Full (5 Products)

Implementation Council

With wet hair, apply the shampoo and massage gently with your fingertips. Rinse. Then repeat the procedure, but let the shampoo act for 1 minute and rinse. Remove excess water from hair and apply the length mask to the ends, massage and leave for 3 minutes before rinsing. Apply the conditioner to clean, damp hair and leave it on for 1 to 2 minutes. Knead curls from bottom to top to increase setting power. Rinse thoroughly. After washing hair with the strands still wet, distribute a generous amount of leave-in on hands and apply evenly from root to ends. Comb to untangle hair well. Finally, apply a small amount of the gel between the palm of your hands and distribute from the bottom to the top, modeling the curls with your hands to increase the power of definition. Spray with water if hair begins to dry before finishing.


Hydrated, malleable and defined bunches.

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