Lola Cosmetics Argan Oil - Hair Oil 50ml


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Lola Cosmetics Argan Oil

Treatment oil for damaged hair. Lola Cosmetics Argan Oil finalizes the care by helping in the reconstruction of the threads, as well as protecting and disciplining with lightness.

Lola Cosmetics Argan Oil avoids the damage caused by the heat of the dryer and board. It does not weigh on the wires and is quickly absorbed by the hair fiber. This protects the hair from shivering and shimmering.


Argan Oil: source of antioxidants, protects the hair fiber from damage that causes loss of mass.

How to UseLola Cosmetics Argan Oil

Implementation Council

Apply a few drops to the palm of your hands and rub them against each other. Distribute evenly over the length and ends of the threads and finish as you wish.


Remember to avoid the root duThe application is done so as not to leave an oily hair look, which has not been washed for a few days.


Protected hair, shiny shine and no frizz.

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