Lola Cosmetics Be(m)said Ghee Hydration Mask 350g


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Indication of use

For opaque, dry, lifeless hair.


Technology present in the composition

Banana, Jojoba Oil and AlgaeThey are rich in proteins that strengthen and hydrate weakened hair, from the inside out, leaving the hair softer and shinier.

Aloe VeraIt is a strong ally for the health of hair and scalp, allowing nutrients and vitamins to penetrate more easily into the hair, which enhances shine and beauty.

Coconut WaterRich in amino acids, it provides softness and smoothness to the hair.


Step by step how to use

  1. Use 2 to 3 teaspoons, apply on hands, emulsify to spread and apply from length to ends, right after the shampoo of your preference, avoid applying directly to the root;
  2. Leave it for three to five minutes;
  3. Remove all excess;

Note: It is not necessary to finish with conditioner. Use weekly or when the hair hydration process is necessary. The amount varies according to the volume and length of your hair.


Benefits and results

  • Ideal for hair schedule;
  • Released to Low and No Poo;
  • Fragrance of essential oils;
  • Texture ready for application, no need to heat.


Additional information

Weight420 g

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