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Lola Cosmetics Sudden Repair - Hair Treatment 250ml


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Lola Cosmetics Sudden Repair Total

Treatment spray for damaged and chemically treated hair. Lola Cosmetics Sudden Repair Total fully recovers and repairs the wire.

In a single application, Lola Cosmetics Sudden Repair Total instantly restores the capillary fiber. It restores the moisture lost over time, shine and softness, and leaves the hair stronger to prevent breakage. This spray also offers thermal and sun protection.

Lola Cosmetics Sudden Repair Total is a miracle that recovers hair in a single application!

How to UseLola Cosmetics Sudden Repair Total

Implementation Council

1 - After washing the threads with the thread shampoo, remove the excess water with a towel and spray the repairing spray on the entire length of the threads, especially on the ends.

2 - Distribute the product with the help of a comb. Then dry the hair with the help of a blow-dryer and a brush.

3 - Pass the board in wide wicks 2 to 3 times to seal the cuticles. Finish as you wish.


Hair restored, with health restored, in addition to hydrated, soft and shiny

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