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Lola Cosmetics The Powerful Cream 2 in 1 Mask 230g


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Nourishing mask for chemically treated hair

Lola Cosmetics Powerful Cream reduces breakage and split ends with shine and softness.

The reconstructive function of Lola Cosmetics Powerful Cream can be used both as a conditioner or mask by restoring strength against breakage with nutrient replacement that repairs deeply weakened areas, as well as restoring softness and shine from the first application.


Main components

Vegetable Extract, Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Lemon: rebalance the moisture level for yarns with the elasticity on day and strengthen the fragile and brittle fibers


Implementation Council:

  1. As a conditioner, remove excess water from the hair after washing with the shampoo and apply to length and ends generously;
  2. Massage the wicks and then rinse;
  3. As a mask, take a 10-minute break and rinse.



Recovered and reconstructed hair, free from double ends, soft and shiny.




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Weight 280 g

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