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Lola Cosmetics Pinga! Carrot & Olive - Hair Oil 50ml

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Lola Cosmetics Pinga! Carrot & Olive

Hair oil for all hair types. Lola Cosmetics Pinga! Carrot & Olive Oil protects the threads from the harmful effects of UV rays and heat from thermal accessories. It can be applied before or after sun exposure to keep the wires very well cared for.

Hair Oil Pinga! Carrot & Olive OilLola Cosmetics retains the softness of the hair and retains the water needed for the health of the hair inside. It is quickly absorbed, which gives the hair an incredible lightness of appearance. With compact bottle and dosing nozzle for easy application.


Carrot and Olive Oil: moisturizes, revitalizes and combats the action of the free radicals responsible for the damage and weakening of hair fiber.

Phthalate-free vegan formula, insoluble silicones, synthetic dyes, sodium chloride, parabens, mineral oil and paraffin.

How to UseLola Cosmetics Pinga! Carrot & Olive

Implementation Council

Apply a few drops to the palm of your hands and rub them on each other. Distribute evenly over the length and tips.

Our Experts Teach

Oily hair can also enjoy the benefits of hair oil. Just avoid going directly to the root and don't exaggerate the amount.


Hair with intense shine, deeply nourished and with guaranteed hydration.

Also know the Lola Cosmetics Pinga Oil! Patauá & Moringa, perfect for pre and post shampoo care.

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