Lola Cosmetics Pinga! Patauá & Moringa - Hair Oil 50ml


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Lola Cosmetics Pinga! Patauá & Moringa

Multifunctional oil for all hair types. Lola Cosmetics Pinga! Patauá & Moringa Oil nourishes, moisturizes and offers pre and post shampoo care to prevent dryness caused by the astringent action of cleaning. In addition, it has thermal and UV protection.

Pinga oil! Patauá & MoringaLola Cosmetics maintains the necessary hydration for the threads to have softness and shine, besides avoiding frizz. With a dry touch, it is quickly absorbed by the threads, which gives an incredible lightness to the look. With compact bottle and dosing nozzle for easy application.


Patauá and Moringa Oil: protect, nourish and moisturize the hair intensely.

Phthalate-free vegan formula, insoluble silicones, synthetic dyes, sodium chloride, parabens, mineral oil and paraffin.

How to UseLola Cosmetics Pinga! Patauá & Moringa

Implementation Council

Apply a few drops to the palm of your hands and rub them on each other. Distribute evenly over the length and tips.

Our Experts Teach

A great tip is to apply the oil little by little to the hair. This way, you can measure the amount to have the effects of the formula without running the risk of leaving an oily look.


Hair with intense shine, deeply nourished and with guaranteed hydration.

Also try Lola Cosmetics Oil Pinga! Açaí & Pracaxi for pre and post chemical care.

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