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Lola Cosmetics Rapunzel Kit - Shampoo + Tonic


The Kit Contains:
1 Rejuvenating Rapunzel Strengthening Shampoo - 250ml
1 Rapunzel Growth Tonic - 230ml

Lola Cosmetics Rapunzel is the right line for fragile, brittle hair that can't find the strength to grow. Lola Rapunzel helps in fortified and moisturizing growth, for you to conquer a very long and soft hair.

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Strengthening Rapunzel Shampoo of Lola Cosmetics is a rejuvenating shampoo that provides a refreshing sensation while penetrating the scalp and stimulating micro blood circulation. It activates the hair follicles promoting hair growth and avoiding the early stages of hair loss. Fuller strands with more volume and balanced scalp function.

Growth Tonic Rapunzel of Lola Cosmetics is a continuous treatment to reduce hair loss and stimulate growth. It acts by strengthening the hair follicle so that the root is strong and the hairs have a longer life. It promotes healthy, more resistant fibers and in this way the hair growth cycle returns to normal, avoiding constant and gradual hair loss.

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