Lola Cosmetics Rapunzel Milk - Leave-in Spray 230ml


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Leave-in for all hair types. Formulated to prevent hair aging, Rapunzel Milk Spray instantly absorbs and deeply moisturizes.

The nourishing formula promotes immediate treatment to the hair, which becomes soft, silky and shiny. Besides, Rapunzel Milk Spray has a light texture and accelerates hair growth.


Jojoba: has emollient, restorative and stimulating action, which deeply nourishes and restores the threads.

Cupuaçu: hydrates, nourishes and repairs the threads.

Arginine: helps hair growth, nourishes and reduces hair loss.

Panthenol: provides hydration and softness to the hair.

How to Use Lola Cosmetics Rapunzel Milk

Implementation Council

Spray on clean, damp hair. Finish as you wish.


Soft, silky, moisturized hair.

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