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Lola Cosmetics Samba Sambalanço

Treatment mask for damaged hair. Lola Cosmetics Samba Sambalanço Mask provides intense hydration to leave the threads soft and shiny, thanks to its formula rich in six Amazonian oils,

Lola Cosmetics Samba Sambalanço Mask has powerful action with instant treatment of 5 minutes, which recovers the texture, elasticity and shine of hair.


Complex of six Oils from the Amazon: combination of Açaí, Brazil Nut, Andiroba, Babaçu, Buriti and Babaçu Coconut Oils. The formula has antioxidant, nourishing and moisturizing action.

How to UseLola Cosmetics Samba Sambalanço

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Apply a generous amount to clean, damp hair. Comb to spread the product well. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse. Finish as you wish. Can be used once or twice a week to maintain shine and hydration.


Moisturized, soft and shiny hair.

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