Lola Cosmetics Tarja Preta Vegetal Keratin - Reconstructive Treatment 250ml


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Lola Cosmetics Tarja Preta Vegetal Keratin

Vegetable keratin for damaged hair. Lola Cosmetics Tarja Preta restores the weakened yarns with the mass replacement.

Lola Cosmetics Tarja Preta acts directly on the aggressions caused by the frequent use of hair dryer and flat iron, straightening and coloring the hair fiber with the reconstruction of the threads and the increase of resistance against breaking from inside to outside, besides restoring hydration and shine.


Vegetal Keratin: reconstructs weakened areas of the yarns with increased resistance and strength against breakage

How to UseLola Cosmetics Tarja Preta Vegetal Keratin

Implementation Council

After washing your hair, spray vegetable keratin all over the length and ends of the hair. Massage the locks and leave for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse and follow the treatment with Lola Cosmetics Tarja Preta Restorative Mask. Tip: if you prefer, board the hair after dry to seal the cuticles. Note: excessive use may harden the hair. The indicated is the application every 10 days.


Hair reconstructed from the inside out, more resistant with the brightness and elasticity recovered

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