LOLA hold this baphão exfoliating cupuaçu extra dry skin


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LOLA hold this cupuaçu exfoliating baphão - extra dry skin

I'm not just any exfoliator. I am a Body Exfoliant made with more than 95% of vegetal origin actives, totally hand produced with saponified vegetal oils through the cold process, millenary tradition of soap making. I have no artificial coloring or synthetic preservatives, I am colored and added with flower infusion, spices, etc.

Indicated:Loletes with extra dry skin that need intense hydration.

Assets:The nourishing properties of Cupuaçu, Cocoa and Murumuru Butters, combined with Umbu Cajá Extract, restore lost moisture, humidity and natural elasticity, intensely recovering the extra dry skin.

Write it down: I make a baphô exfoliation, removing impurities and dead cells, preparing your corpitcho to receive the nutrients of the Body Moisturizing Butter. And, besides exfoliating, I leave your skin super soft.Does not contain: . Gluten . Sulfates . Phthalates . GMOs Silicones . Synthetic Preservatives . Fragrance with glycol solvents . Synthetic dyes . sodium chloride . Parabens . mineral oil . Paraffin . Animal Derivatives .

How to Use: Open your amazing pot, take a small amount and spread with your hands in circular movements all over the body, without fear of being happy. For intense exfoliation, apply on a dry body. If you want a more gentle exfoliation, use with the body slightly damp.

Line: Hold this Bapion
It was thinking about the welfare of their Loletes that Lola Cosmetics has developed a vegan line of exfoliating body deodorants for different skin types. It is composed of eight products with the following objectives: soothing refreshing, purifying detox, firmer and hydrated skin, freshness and softness, dry skin, extra dry skin, after sun and all skin types.
The line is hand produced with vegetable oils saponified through the cold process, millennial tradition of soap making. They have no artificial dyes or synthetic preservatives. The products are colored and have more than 95% of vegetal origin actives such as the infusion of flowers, spices, herbs and fruits. Because they have high concentrations of natural ingredients, they may suffer alterations in coloring. They exfoliate the skin removing impurities and dead cells, leaving it soft and prepared to receive the nutrients of Body Moisturizing Butter.

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