LOLA holds that exfoliating passion fruit flower

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LOLA holds this exfoliating passion fruit flower - soothing / refreshing

Passionflower Extract, Tangerine Oils & Passion Fruit Infusion
The emollient properties of Tangerine and Passion Fruit Oils, combined with the Juá Rasp Infusion and the refreshing Passion Flower Extract, form a moisturizing butter that restores moisture balance and gives a boost to tired skin.

I am perfumed from the essential oils of Neroli, Orange, Chamomile and Patchouli, combined with the fragrances with vegetable solvents that transmit calming, relaxing, well-being and comfort sensations.

Technology present in the composition
Passionflower Extract;

Tangerine and passion fruit oils;

Juá Raspa Infusion.

Made with 95% of vegeral origin assets;

Fully hand produced with vegetable oils saponified through the cold process;

Does not contain artificial colourings or synthetic preservatives;

Additivated with infusion of flowers, spices, etc..;

Does not contain Gluten, Sulfates, Phthalates, GMOs, Silicones, Synthetic Preservatives, Solvent Glycol Fragrance, Synthetic Colorants, Sodium Chloride, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Paraffin, Animal Derivatives.

Vegan product.
Step by step how to use
Open your incredible little pot, take a small amount and spread it with your hands in circular movements through your body, without fear of being happy. For an intense exfoliation, apply with a dry body. If you want a softer exfoliation, use with the body slightly wet.

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