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Moisturizing Butter Saves This Marimba - Purifying Detox

Activated Charcoal, Yerba Mate Extract and Galician Lemon Juice 230g


  • I'm not just any moisturizer. I'm a Moisturizing Butter made with over 95% plant-based ingredients. What's more, I'm vegan, made with awareness, empathy and responsibility, with organic actives. Segura Essa Marimba because I'm really full of bossa and benefits for your skin

My assets: The infusion of Activated Charcoal, derived from dende coconut shells, has the amazing property of absorbing toxins and excess oil from the skin. Combined with Yerba Mate Extract, Galician Lemon Juice and Melaleuca Oil, it tones, becoming an excellent Purifying Detox for the skin.

What else you need to know: I am perfumed from the essential oils of Lemon Clove, Orange Valencia and Elemi which, combined to fragrances with vegetal solvents, bring a citric, striking, slightly spicy and fresh scent.

Write it down: I'm made from natural ingredients from the Brazilian flora, and that makes me incredibly special.

For whom: All the Loletes who want to do a purifying detox on the skin or who have excess oil problems.

Mode of use: Open your incredible little pot, take a small amount and spread it with your hands in circular movements through your body, without fear of being happy. You can use it right after the bath, with the skin slightly moist, or during the day for that extra moisture and a light scent on the skin.

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