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Whenever you need Powerful Hydration use the S.O.S. Curls + Powerful Hydration Mask. This super launch was with intelligent and technological assets, which treat your hair over the hours. Which are:

Microkeratin, which has the purpose of repair and nutritive action. It activates the shine and promotes softness to damaged hair.

Silicone, which provides shine and silkiness to the threads, forms a protective film, leaving the curls shiny, soft, moisturized and with the ends sealed.

Rice Protein, promotes the replacement of the internal and external structure of damaged hair fiber.

This is because this formula has high compatibility with the hair fiber, ensures hydration, forms film, penetrates the hair cortex, conditions and repairs the hair from inside to outside.

Aaaah, this super production is indicated for wavy, curly and frizzy hair! Click and buy!
Result of S.O.S Mask Curls + Powerful:

More resistant and hydrated wires with extreme shine.
How to use the S.O.S Mask Curls + Powerful:

After washing hair with S.O.S Shampoo Curls + Powerfuls, apply the Mask line, lock by lock to the ends. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes.

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