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Mask #todecacho de Babosa Treatment To Divar Salon Line 500gr

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The Hydration Mask #todecacho Treatment for Diving brings the powerful hydration of Babosa and also guarantees a 5 in 1 treatment. That's right: besides being super moisturizing, this hydration mask strengthens and rejuvenates the threads, promotes divo shine and helps in healthy growth.

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The Moisture Mask contains Babosa, which moisturizes and gives strength, and replenishes water and nutrients in all hair textures and curvatures. It also has Rosemary, which helps in the rejuvenation and strengthening of the threads and Castor Oil, ingredient that promotes healthy growth, besides providing nutrition and shine.

Suitable for wavy, curly, frizzy, frizzy or in transition hair, Babosa's Moisturizing Mask has UV protection, and is released - it does not contain sulfate, petrolatum, parabens and mineral oil. Ahhh, and it's still vegan!

If you want super hydration with drool, this mask is the right product. Click to buy!

Result of Hydration Mask #todecacho Babosa: Hair twice as soft, strong and very shiny.

For a more complete result, use the full line #todecacho Babosa Diving Treatment.

Carol Soares, Salon Line's ambassador, loves the #todecacho Babosa line for the hydration that the products provide to curly and frizzy hair. "Babosa's line is suuuper moisturizer, gives a lot of shine, and also helps in healthy hair growth, everything we love".

How to use the Hydration Mask #todecacho Babosa: After washing your hair with Shampoo #todecacho BabosaApply the Babosa Moisturizing Mask Treatment to Divar lock by lock, massaging towards the tips from the root. Leave to act for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse.

Hint: Always wear the Babosa Moisture Mask before the conditioner. After all, it is this little product that will ensure nutrition for the threads and will seal the cuticles.

Product Indication: Wavy, curly, frizzy hair, or in transition.

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