Native SPA Açaí Body Deodorant Lotion, 400ml


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Skin full of life is what brings Nativa SPA Açaí Deodorant Body Moisturizing Lotion.

The new formula of this body lotion relies on the power of hydration of pure 100% oil of purified drops of quinoawhich also helps to leave the soft skinsoft e rejuvenated. And to intensify the aroma in the body, it contains microcapsules of the fragrance of Acai which break up throughout the day, bringing moments of surprise, high durability and transmitting energy and joie de vivre.

Its pump package is practical and facilitates the application of the product without waste.

Little secrets of sustainability: The 400mL moisturizer is made with recycled PET. By using this type of material, each year we incorporate the equivalent of more than 40,000 2-liter soft drink bottles which, if stacked, would be the height of 370 statues of Christ the Redeemer. Its manufacture also uses a 100% cold process, which means lower energy consumption, reducing the environmental impact.

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