Native Plum Blossom SPA Deodorant Body Lotion, 400ml

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Inspired by the exostimo and delicacy of the Plum Blossom, a Native Plum Blossom SPA Deodorant Body Moisturizing Lotion will awaken your senses to offer a moisturized skin all day long.

With light texturethat body lotion presents in its new formula the power of hydration through the purified drops of quinoa. A quinoa is considered to seed of beautyas well as offering a deep hydrationaid for increasing the production of collagen and in the prevention of loss of skin elasticity. With this, your skin stays softsoft e rejuvenated.

To intensify the delicate and cozy aroma of Plum Blossom in the skin, the new formula has microcapsules of the fragrance. Now, you will enjoy a scented skin for much longer.

Its pump packaging is practical and easy to apply, avoiding product waste.

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