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Native Spa Face Mask Detox Matcha, 70 g


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Native Detox Face Mask SPA purifies and renews the skin by eliminating impurities thanks to its detox effect.

With nutritious drops of quinoa* and Matcha extract, the face mask cleanses the skin of impurities that can accumulate over days, such as miscellaneous waste, sweat, oiliness and pollution.

If you want to have renewed skin free of free radicals, which in large volume can damage the body's healthy cells, bet on the line Nativa SPA Detox Matcha.

In addition, the detox face mask has an anti-fatigue effect and helps prevent premature aging. You will feel much freer and without dryness, oiliness, redness and inflammation of the pores.

The product is suitable for men and women, and is also a great gift option.

To enhance the results, use all the products in the Nativa SPA Detox Matcha line.

* pure quinoa 100% bioester

Category: Face
Brand: Nativa Spa
Line: Matcha


It has 97% of natural ingredients

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Weight 70 g