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Fora de estoque

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A sophisticated fragrance that brings an unexpected and pleasant surprise, so is the Floratta Florestas Secretas deodorant Cologne.

The essence expresses the personality of a romantic woman, who knows that she can find love where she least expects it, which makes this search a surprising and passionate journey.

The fragrance does exactly that, it is inspired by the Fig and its secret flowers, which are hidden inside the fruit and reveal themselves as a beautiful and passionate surprise. The top opens with a juicy basket of fruits with Fig, Grapefruit, Apple and Orange. The heart continues with a vibrant floral bouquet with Cashmere, Freesia and Fig Blossom, while the bottom has a velvety touch with Raspberry, Musk, Velvety Peach and Amber. The composition of the colony creates a charming floral aroma, with fruity touches that reveals the beauty and fruitiness of the flower.

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