Protex Oat Soap Antibacterial - 85g


- Antibacterial action;

- Cleans and removes impurities;

- It contains oatmeal extracts;

- Creates extended protection barrier;

- Leaves the skin soft and smooth;

- Eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria;

- Exclusive with balanced pH.

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Protex Aveia Soap - 85g


Protecting and caring for the skin is essential in our routine! And nothing better than to talk about who is an expert on the subject. So today's tip is with Protex.

Protex Oat Soapantibacterial action with the natural benefits of the Oatswhich together eliminate bacteria while providing a delicious soft skin feel. Its exclusive pH-balanced formula makes the Protex Soap ideal for cleaning and removing impurities from the skin, also creating an invisible protective barrier that eliminates, assists in the prevention and proliferation of bacteria up to 99.9% on the skin!

This is the necessary care for those who care about the health and well-being of the body. So protect yourself with whom you are referring in this matter. Always have your Protex around you, the security for your day to day life.


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