Salon Line Professional Black - Mask Tint 290ml


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Black Professional Salon Line

Black shade mask for all hair types. Salon Line Professional Black Mask revives the dark tint of natural or dyed threads while protecting the tone from fading.

In addition to enhancing colour, the Professional Salon Line Black Mask moisturizes and nourishes the hair fiber. This way, you can keep your hair soft, shiny and healthy enough to hold the tone longer.


Coconut Oil: rich in vitamins and fatty acids, provides hydration, nutrition and strengthens the hair.

How to UseBlack Professional Salon Line

Implementation Council

Wear plastic gloves before applying. After using the shampoo, distribute the mask on the length and ends of the threads. Leave for 5 to 20 minutes and rinse. Can be used once a week or every 15 days.

Our Experts Teach

Be careful that the mask does not hit towels and light clothes, as it is well pigmented. If you see a fabric stain, wash it right away.


Intense black hair, protected and full of life.

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