Set of Professional Cuticle Pliers World 722 + Cuticle Softener.


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Cuticle Pliers World Wide 722 Stainless Steel Professional Short Handle

Indication: Removal of cuticles.

How to use: Use the Professional 722 Premium Cuticle Pliers to remove the previously prepared cuticles.

Quantity: 1 .

Composition: Stainless Steel.

Additional Information:

- Sterilizable in a greenhouse and autoclave.

- Resistant spring with friction reducer.

- Precise cutting and high durability.

- Sharp blades.

- Non-slip handle that offers greater safety in handling.

- Supports multiple sharpenings.

Horse Hoof Cuticle Softener 30Ml

  • Emollient with Almond Oil
  • Softens and helps remove the cuticle
  • Hydrates and protects
  • Excellent for manicure and pedicure

Additional information

Weight150 g

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